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Sandy Beach Tour

Sandy Beach Tour

Bali island is small island that surrounded by sea, Bali beach tour package is to explore many different types of  beaches in bali, as you know Bali has a beach for world-class surfing.

With Bali beach tour package we will show bali is not only known as the island of a thousand temples but Bali also has many attractive beaches with different types of beaches. Some beaches have big, sharp rocks, created by corals or lava while others are covered with white, yellow, and gray or black sand.

This Bali tour service will visit the popular beaches between tourist like kuta beach, nusa dua beach, balangan beach, dreamland beach,geger beach,padang padang beach, but actually much more beautiful beaches that not yet uncovered by common tourist.

This tour will be visit :

Balangan Beach

Balangan is a small and very quiet beach on the south part of Bali. To get to this beach you'll have to cross the green Uluwatu peninsula. In doing so, you'll be passing by local villagers and their cattle and goats grazing calmly. This is a typical Balinese village full of smiling people moving around while doing their chores. Therefore, Balangan Beach Detail

Dreamland Beach

Dreamland beach is one of the beaches that is a must to visit in bali, whether you own a surfboard or not. This surfer's paradise is located on the Southeastern coast of Bali. Surfers are allowed at all times, while inexperienced swimmers should stay on the beach, because the ocean currents here are dangerous. You'll be able to get food Dreamland Beach Detail

Geger Beach

You will be able to observe a simple life of the Balinese people here. You will see them working on the shore as well as at the sea. You can watch them collecting, drying, and preparing algae to be shipped to the cosmetic and pharmaceutical factories. The fishermen here have a hard life and live in small huts. They work Geger Beach Detail

Padang Padang Beach

Padang padang beach is covered with huge rocks and small caves used in making artful photography. The high tide is great for swimming. Low tide is better for investigating the wondrous world of corals and small sea creatures. But, be aware of sharp corals and small sea urchins hiding in the crevices, and wear plastic sandals to protect your feet. Padang Padang Beach Detail

Pandawa Beach

Pandawa Beach is about 1 hour from Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport. As with any other beach tour in bali, prepare to get wet. Take a swim and enjoy the other available water sports such as canoeing and paragliding. Don’t feel like going in the water? Simply sit on the beach beneath the trees or at one of the beach Pandawa Beach Detail

Departure : 9.00 am

Duration up to : 10 Hours

Include :

Pick up and return to your hotel, Transport in air conditioned car, English speaking driver, Mineral water in car, Car parking fee

guaranteed our satisfaction high service with low budget

Tour Package Prices

Price Start From : USD 50

The rate quoted,above include :
  • the car
  • driver
  • gasoline/petrol
  • sarong for visiting the temple
  • parking fees.
please note that all your entrance fees to places of interest, attractions ,donations and your meals are not included,

Tour Condition

  • A minimum 2 participants or max 6 participants is required to join the tours.
  • Please inform us if more then 6 participants for special price.
  • We accept the payment in cash, either in USD, AUD, EURO, Pound or Rupiah or other currencies based on the latest exchange rate.

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