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Bali Epica Tours Car Rental

Bali epica tours car rental provide daily to monthly with english speaking driver, available various types of cars from minibus (for group) to private vehicles with fully Air-conditioned, power steering wheel and competitive rate, enjoy your bali tour with car rental including great bali driver for all destinations and we'll make sure all your transportation needs covered. If you need special car there are not in our list, please contact us.

Includes :

  • English Speaking Driver.
  • Gasoline / Petrol.
  • Parking Fee.
  • Mineral Water.

Condition :

  • Minimum Duration : 10 Hours.

Suzuki AVP ( Price : USD 50 )

With a capacity of 5-7 persons are equipped with audio and full air conditioning, APV is able to be a loyal friend who will take you on the way to enjoy the sights in Bali or for the comfort of your activities.

Isuzu Elf ( Price : USD 70 )

With a passenger capacity of 14 people, ELF is ready to take your car with your family and friends to the object - attractions in Bali. This car is known to be very tough to roam the streets in Bali.

Toyota Inova ( Price : USD 60 )

With a capacity of 5-7 people, Innova delivers you become a loyal friend on the way to enjoy the sights of Bali or for other purposes. With a powerful engine of this car ready to roam the streets of Bali from city streets to mountain climbs lot.

Toyota Avanza ( Price : USD 50 )

For passenger seating capacity ideally with ternyaman state is max 5 adults. But if there are small children can be a bit set in order to enter another 2 children. Certainly do not bring a big suitcase large. But if just carry bag, can be placed behind the rear seat.

Kia Travello ( Price : USD 95 )

Kia Travello is a passenger car with a capacity of 9 suitable for use during a holiday in Bali. With quite a bit of capacity could be an option for those who want to tour with the number of people under 10 year old.

Kia Pregio ( Price : USD 80 )

KIA Pregio van is a mini car with a capacity of up to 10 people. This car is perfect for a holiday tour with family. The interior is spacious, seating which can be reclining, equipped with audio, making this car one of the largest and most convenient rental car to enjoy the beautiful island of Bali. So what are you waiting, order now!

Alphard ( Price : USD 185 )

Luxury cars with a capacity of 5-7 people is equipped with various facilities such as air conditioner, audio and other facil will pamper you during in Bali by the luxury and comfort offered. It's obvious comfort in contrast to other vehicles.

Toyota Camry ( Price : USD 170 )

The interior cabin of Camry rental car gives the impression of luxury, elegant, modern and functional. All three are present through design, quality materials, and the latest features. This makes New Toyota Camry rental car into one of the favorites for the Camry sedan car rental in Bali.

Toyota Commuter ( Price : USD 195 )

Toyota Commuter Mini Bus luxury is produced by the Japanese automaker Toyota since 2007. Toyota Commuter Twelve seats are available with Solar 3000cc engine and 5.0-liter. There are several models of Toyota Commuter: Commuter G and Commuter V.

guaranteed our satisfaction high service with low budget

Tour Package Prices

Price Start From : USD 50

The rate quoted,above include :
  • the car
  • driver
  • gasoline/petrol
  • sarong for visiting the temple
  • parking fees.
please note that all your entrance fees to places of interest, attractions ,donations and your meals are not included,

Tour Condition

  • A minimum 2 participants or max 6 participants is required to join the tours.
  • Please inform us if more then 6 participants for special price.
  • We accept the payment in cash, either in USD, AUD, EURO, Pound or Rupiah or other currencies based on the latest exchange rate.

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